1. Which Areas Do You Cover?

We offer our services throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Having our head operations office based in the midlands allows us to easily operate the largest fleet of luxury vehicles within these areas.

2. What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of services across the UK, Ireland and Europe including, but not limited to:

– Wedding Car Hire
– Prom Car Hire
– Helicopter Charter
– Chauffeur Car Hire
– Super Car Hire
– Limo Hire

You can find more information in the Services section of this website.

3. What Are Your Prices?

The prices for our luxury vehicles depend on the date, time and the occasion. We have a wide variety of vehicle you can choose from. Please contact us for further information on our prices and packages.

4. What Cars Do You Offer?

We have a variety of luxury vehicles ranging from Rolls-Royce and Bugatti to Lamborghini and Ferrari. All our vehicles are available throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe for any occasion.

5. Am I Able to View the Vehicles in Person?

You’re more than welcome to contact us and arrange a viewing with one of our sales representatives at our luxury showroom.

6. What Is Included in The Hire?

Depending on the occasion all our vehicles come along with complimentary packages. For more information on the packages we offer please have a look at our Packages section.

7. Where Are You Based?

Our head operations office is based within central Birmingham. The reason our head office is based within this location is due to the fact that it provides us with easy access throughout the country.

8. What Are the Ages of Your Cars?

The ages of our vehicles vary depending on the make and model you require. They range from 2010 up until 2019.

9. How Do I Book the Vehicle?

To book one of our vehicles we would need details such as what vehicle you require, what date you require the vehicle, how long do you wish to have the vehicle and where you are based. To then proceed please contact our specialist team for further information.

10. Is There an Age Limit On Your Self-Drive Vehicles?

For our self-drive vehicles the age limit varies depending on your vehicle preference. To hire one of our performance cars you would need to be 25+.However, to hire a supercar you would need to be 30+. Our luxury vehicles range depending on the model you require.

11. Can My Vehicle Be Delivered and Collected?

Our luxury vehicles can be delivered and collected to you by one of our team. If you wish you are also able to collect the vehicle from ourselves.

12. How Do I Amend My Booking?

To amend your booking, you will need to contact the office and update us with the changes required.

13. How Many Passengers Do Your Vehicles Hold?

Our vehicles passenger capacity depends on the vehicle you require. They range from 1 passenger capacity to 16 passenger capacity.

14. Can I Book a Car for Today?

To book a vehicle for today please contact us and provide us with the vehicle preference and further journey information.

15. I Have an Existing Quote and Would Like to Book!

You will need to contact us and provide us with the date of occasion and name and our specialist team will guide you through the booking process.

16. Will I Be Charged for Amending My Booking?

Charges for amending bookings vary depending on the changes required. Please contact our team for further information in regards to this.

17. The Price Has Changed Since I Last Enquired! What happened?

Our prices will change depending on when you are enquiring. The further in advance you enquire the cheaper our prices may be. If your price has changed from the last time you enquired this is most likely due to the fact that the date specified is busier than when the initial enquiry was placed.

18. I Have Not Received My Booking Confirmation Email! What to do?

If you have not received your booking confirmation email, we suggest to check your junk mail. If the email is not in your junk mail, please contact our team so we are able to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive your confirmation email.

19. My Details Are Incorrect On My Booking Confirmation! What to do?

We advise that you check the details on your confirmation are correct at the earliest point upon receiving this. If changes are required, please contact us.

20. I Need a Vehicle Over A Major Holiday Period!

To secure your vehicle over a major holiday period we recommend you book well in advance. This is because during these periods select dates will be busy. If you are unsure about which dates are classed as busy periods, please contact our team.